If you are looking to cash in your scrap car or van in the Harpenden area, we offer great cash prices on all makes and models of car and van. Not only do we offer the best prices, but we also collect you vehicle completely FREE of charge too!

    Scrap your Car Harpenden

    There really are numerous good reasons that folks decide to scrap their vehicle. It might be due to the how old the vehicle is, the car or van must have extensive repairs or maybe you have recently got a brand new vehicle and do not want the hold up marketing the old one.

    If you reside in Harpenden and have opted to scrap your vehicle then to get the price for your vehicle make sure you get in touch with Scrap My Car Fast. You can expect an efficient scrappage process. Simply fill out the information relating to your car or van within the form above and we'll offer you a excellent cash price inside a few minutes.

    What prices do you pay?

    We offer the best cash prices for scrap vehicles in the Harpenden area. The elements which establish the end price that we offer is connected to the weight of the vehicle, and how much scrap metal there may be, furthermore which components on the vehicle are can be salvaged for spare parts etc. We will require that clients are in possession of their V5 logbook, with some form of id, to show you are the owner of the vehicle, just before we provide you with a firm scrappage value.

    How is my Vehicle recycled?

    Scrap My Car fast are a recognised scrappage company and all vehicles are disposed of as per DVLA requirements. All vehicles we scrap are dealt with at recycling centres within the London area. Our skilled and specialist team of professionals will collect your car without charge in the Harpenden area. We're a company that's entirely committed to helping the environment and also reducing our carbon footprint. So you can feel comfortable knowing that your vehicle is going to be re-cycled in the most Eco friendly manner.

    Our Harpenden Scrap Service

    If you select our Harpenden vehicle scrappage service, we take care of all the required DVLA documentation for you, to guarantee the easy recycling of your vehicle. After we have scrapped your vehicle, you'll then receive all the necessary proof of this, with a DVLA certificate of destruction. You'll then have the piece of mind your car or van has been scrapped in following the DVLA procedure, together with the pertinent documentation.

    If you want to get an instant quote and want to scrap your vehicle get in touch with Scrap My Car Fast today in Harpenden. Our friendly team provides you with an instant estimate on your car or van and we can regularly pick up the same day! Simply fill in the form towards the top of the site and we will take over from there!



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