We have made it as easy as can be to sell your car for scrap. At Scrap My Car Fast, we believe in making it a very simple and fast process, and giving customers as much as we possibly can for their cars!

    Are you considering selling your car for scrap?

    There are a multitude of reasons that car owners will consider selling their car for scrap. One of these is major structural problems with the vehicle as a result of an accident, and another common one is mechanical problems that are not worth repairing economically, when taking into account the age and value of a vehicle.

    Will you give me the best scrap price for my car?

    Absolutely! At Scrap My Car Fast, we aim to give our customers the highest possible amount of money in cash for your car. All you need to do is simply put in your car registration and phone number into the box above, and a member of our customer service team will call you right away, with the very best offer we can make for your scrap car.

    Will you give me cash to scrap my car?

    Yes! We understand that many customers will prefer an instant cash payment, and dont want to wait around for cheques to clear.  As a general rule of thumb, the prices that we offer are determined by general scrap metal prices at the day we quote. Also generally the bigger the vehicle, the more value it has for scrap metal, and something like a large BMW will fetch more than a Mini Metro for example!

    How do I get my car to the recycling centre?

    This will vary from customer to customer. If your car is still driveable for example, then it might suit you to drop the vehicle off yourself. If this is not possible for whatever reason, then Scrap My Car Fast offer a completely FREE pick up service for your vehicle.

    Are you an Eco Friendly Scrap Company?

    Absolutely! We make sure that any car that is scrapped with Scrap My Car Fast is done so only at Goverment authorised scrappage centres in the area.

    What documents do I need?

    At the very minimum we require that you have your V5 logbook to show us that you are the owner of the vehicle. We may also require  a letter from the finance company (if applicable) to show there is no finance outstanding, and also the MOT and service history of the vehicle.


    "I was very impressed by the short time it took from getting the online quote to getting the cash in my hand!" - T, Baker, Greenford

    "The guys at Scrap My Car Fast really do deliver. I had cash for my old car within a few hours!" - M Raj, Harrow

    "I had been recommended to this company by a friend and was not disappointed. Professional, friendly and above all a good cash price given" - A Cohen, Wembley